Conducted violence, Manokwari police personel should be sanctioned



Sorong, Jubi – Executive Director of Legal Aid Institute for Assessment and Development of Legal Aid (LP3BH) Manokwari, Yan Warinusi supports the steps taken by Manokwari Police Chief through Profession and Security Unit (Propam) to investigate police persone (FK) who suspected of conducting violence at LIN hotel, Jalan Merdeka, Manowkari on June 27.

Warinusi said on July 2 that the violence were recorded in Hotel CCTV and was uploaded on facebook. According to him the record should be used as evidence with testimony of victim or witnesses.
“The indication of criminal action according to the formulation of Article 351 in Criminal Code have been fulfilled and can be processed up to the Manokwari District Court,” he said.
According to Law Number 2 Year 2002 concerning Police and Police Regulation (Perkap) Number 2 Year 2012 on Discipline of Police Force, actions of the police personel should be subject to strict and severe sanctions.
“It is important that in the future he will no longer conducting the similar action with other civilians, which ultimately has serious implications for the future of security and order, which is a major part of his responsibility as a member of the police,” he said.
Manokwari Police Chief AKBP Christian Rony when confirmed said it will check the related police officer. If proven then will be given sanctions in accordance with applicable law. (*)

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