Concillors Urged to Return State’s Asset


Sentani, Jubi – The secretary of the Jayapura Regency’s Council, Selfried Depondoiye, urged former councillors to immediately return official vehicles, giving 5 November as the deadline.

“Official vehicles are state assets. They must be returned to the local government through the Council Secretariat after councillors reach their retirement or were not reelected,” Depondoiye told Jubi at his office on Tuesday (28/10).

He said the council currently has 25 official vehicles.
“State assets under legislators’ custody are only the official vehicles. But if they kept other assets, we certainly ask them to return it. The vehicle cost per unit is approximate 224 million, so in total we have more than 5 milliard assets,” he said. (Angrias RF/Albert Yomo/rom)

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