The lecture schedule (Jubi)


The lecture schedule (Jubi)

The lecture schedule (Jubi)

Jayapura,  15/3 (Jubi) – Nicholas Messet, one of three Papuan representatives who join the Indonesian delegation have been criticized by Fijian students for comparing Papuans to African-Americans  Fiji last week, a report said.

Messet and his colleagues, Frans Alberth Joku and Suriel Mofu delivered lectures at the Japanese ITC conference center  in Suva, Fiji on Friday.

According to Vanuatu Daily Post, Messet explained that indigenous Papuans are not in danger of becoming a minority in their own land, citing African-Americans as an example.
“We are not in any danger of becoming minority in our own land. If you look at the black African American, they have not become minorities,” Messet said in response to  question from a student.

A student corrected him and said, “It is wrong to use the African American in American as an example because first of all, African Americans are not the indigenous population and the indigenous Indians are a minority”


On the same occasion, Messet thanked Vanuatu Prime Minister Moana Kalosil for his support for West Papua freedom but said he opposes any foreign meddling on the issue.
“While we are grateful for the support that has been given by Vanuatu towards the freedom of West Papua, we do not want other countries to dictate what is best for us,” Messet said.

Similarly, Frans Alberth Joku, a former journalist with the Post Courier in Papua New Guinea, also expressed gratitude for Vanuatu’s support.
“Even if we have an independent West Papua or a West Papua under autonomy, we will still need the support of the governments such as Vanuatu to act as checks and balance,” Joku said.

After giving a public lecture, Joku and Messet left a message to the ambassador of Vanuatu to Fiji, Nikenike Vurobaravu calling on West Papuans in exile to return home.
“Andy Ayamiseba and John Ondawame Ayami are our brothers. We respect their decision to live here. Mr. High Commissioner, you can tell them that they can come back to Papua, ” Joku and Messet told Vurobaravu. ( Jubi / Victor Mambor/ Tina )


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