Papua students when held the demosntration (Jubi)


Papua students when held the demosntration (Jubi)

Papua students when held the demosntration (Jubi)

Jayapura, 15/01 (Jubi) – Dozens of college students were dispersed by the police and security guards when doing a protest in front of the Borobudur Hotel towards Fiji, Solomon Island and Papua New Guinea (member countries of MSG) as these three countries were considered for being inconsistence with the Communiqué of MSG Summit 2013.  

The spokesperson of the protest action, Zet Tabuni, confirmed this situation to via his cell phone. He stated that this morning around 06:00 am at Jakarta time, 17 students who represented the people of Papua, walked in to Borobudur Hotel, Jakarta to do a protest action against the Melanesian Countries.
 “Around 09:00 am, we did a blockade in front of the hotel to wait for the MSG contingent. The action was conducted as a result of disappointment of the people of Papua to these MSG member countries who were not consistence with the agenda or recommendation of MSG Summit 2013,” said Tabuni, Wednesday (15/01).  Further, he said that the action was spontaneously conducted without prior confirmation to the journalists or the police.
“When we were at the hotel entrance, exactly in front of the contingent’s car, we were actually willing to give our statement letter to them. But the situation was heated; some police officers came approaching us. They forced us, and pushed us to disperse. And finally, the delegation could not open their car window for we can give our letter of statement,” he said.
Previously, continued Tabuni, there were two police officers that escorted the contingent, and 5 officers who joint to disperse the students’ protest. “We have tried for not making riot and persisted to give the letter. But then in our way home, we were followed. So we turned our car towards the Office of Kontras,” he said.

Meanwhile, Syamsul Alam, the activist of Kontras, confirmed the protest action of Papuan students in front of the Borobudur Hotel. He said that dozens of students from Bogor, Jakarta and Bandung blocked the contingent of ministers of foreign affairs in the hotel’s entrance. “The ministers of foreign affairs of Fiji, Solomon Island and PNG were blocked by the students. They asked the opportunity to give the press conference on the statement of the college students from Java, Bali and Papua. In the statement it consisted a demand to the ministers of the MSG countries member to cancel the joint agreement with the Government of Indonesia that are consisting 16 points of economic and development collaboration that was planning to be signed together with the President of Indonesia. The point is there was about 15 minutes negotiation with the security guard and hotel management. The police followed them in their way back home. But actually, the police want offering the escort to the student,” said Syamsul Alam, Wednesday, (15/01). (Jubi/Indrayadi TH/Victor Mambor/P. Maizier)

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