Ian Louis Kabes, Persipura's Captain while facing two of Persela's defenders (Jubi)


Ian Louis Kabes, Persipura's Captain while facing two of Persela's defenders (Jubi)

Ian Louis Kabes, Persipura’s Captain while facing two of Persela’s defenders (Jubi)

Jayapura, 1/2 (Jubi) – Persela Lamongan coach, Eduard Tjong admitted his defeat 3-0 of Persipura at the start of the game season of Indonesian Super League (ISL) at the Mandala Jayapura stadium on Saturday (2/1). He said, the quality of the team ‘Black Pearl’ is above his team.

“Congratulations to Persipura. We have to admit that the quality of Persipura players is above us. But I still appreciate my players as they continue to fight for 90 minutes.” said Eduard Tjong.
According to him, the defeat from the defending champion ISL was a matter for him to prepare the team to be better for the next game against Perseru on Feb 5.
“It is a matter for our evaluation before the next game against Perseru. There is still a chance for us to steal  points in Papua.” he said.
Tjong also argued that the absence of Gustavo Lopez gives impact to the team. Gustavo had become the spirit of the game ‘Joko Tingkir Warriors’ for two season .
“The absence of Gustavo Lopes gives a little effect because during this time he became a key midfield our team.” he said.
Meanwhile,Persipura coach, Jacksen F Tiago is grateful that his team could win the three points .
“Over the past six seasons, this is the first time we did early in the season. Last season, we could only play a draw. ” Jackson said.
According to Jacksen, the victory is very important because lately Persipura got spotlight due to failure in the Inter Island Cup (IIC) a while ago.
“This is a very important winning.  The failure of Inter Island Cup  always haunt players. That is why, this victory will make players more confidence. ” he added.
Moreover, he continued, there are some new faces in Persipura, so the coach had to slightly change the style of play ‘Black Pearl’. But the Brazilian coach  still praises the opposing team that always dangerous in doing strike back.
“Persela is exceptional in doing strike back. Luckily, we do not concede. But now we must prepare for the next game against Persepam Madura.” said Jacksen. (Jubi / Arjuna/ Tina)

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