Joey Tau (Jubi)


Joey Tau (Jubi)

Joey Tau (Jubi)

Suva, 21/6 (Jubi) – Young people in the Pacific region has just launched a campaign of red-black in Suva, Fiji on Friday (20/6) as a form of solidarity against bloody movement in West Papua.

On Friday afternoon, city taxis took a group of journalists and stopped across the street between blue and green building. Green building is the office of Conference Pacific Churches (PCC).Meanwhile,blue building is the Pacific Network on Globalization office (PANG). In front of PANG office, there were sales written ‘Bula Garage Sale, Sausage Siggle $ 3, carage Sale. On the terrace, there were a number of clothing and accessories. Garage Sale Bula was written on white paper Red Blue colored.

The action drew attention from the visitors. Some men and women dressed in black explained their action to them.
“Let’s take a look. Who knows there is something important to us,” journalist said.

When we got into the action in place, the men ended the explanation for previous visitors. He welcomed the arrival of us and introduced himself.
“I’m Joey” said Joey Tau “Today youth members of conferences churches in Pacific (PCC), Pacific Network on Globalisation (PANG) and a number of students from University of the South Pacific (USP) launched the Black or Red we call the “We Bleed Black and Red Campaign,” he said.


The meaning of the red on black is to symbolize Morning Star and Black symbolizes human life West Papua is covered in blood, we invite all people using This symbol as we support the continued blood spilled as a result of cruelty ruling, “said Joey explained rubber band and red ribbon their black wicker.

According to Joey, the campaign will be a weekly campaign in Fiji and then move to other Pacific countries.
“We will do campaign every Wednesday, from place to other place, “he said.

To those who participated in this campaign, will get pictures and stories about the support of West Papua.

It was also filled with dark red ribbon weaving action, collect clothes, books and novels, shoes and jewelery ex which is then sold at varying prices.

Black and red ribbon bracelets sold at a Dollar Fiji or equivalent of 6 thousand rupiah, and the novel sold for 1-5 dollars Fiji dollars or 6000-30000 rupiah.

According to Joey, the money will be collecting funds for youth Papua somewhere and talk about their struggles. Joey reluctantly say where the meeting would take place.
“I can not tell our secrets,” he said seriously.

PCC General Secretary, Rev. Francois Pihaatae justified it.

Therefore, according to the man’s native Tahiti, it is called for West Papuan independet.
“We write to liberate West Papua ago place against a wall in the office. (Jubi / Mawel/ Tina)

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