Rev, Benny Giay (Jubi)

Civil Society Coalition to Hold Joint Prayer at Parliament’ Office

Rev, Benny Giay (Jubi)

Rev, Benny Giay (Jubi)

Jayapura, Jubi – The Civil Society Coalition for Peace will conduct a joint prayer at Papua’s Parliament Office’s field on Friday (30/7/2015) at around 13:00 Papua time.

Chairman of Kingmi Church Synod in Papua, the Rev. Benny Giay said the worship is part of series of resolution process between GIDI and Muslim communities at Tolikara, two weeks ago. Kingmi Church Synod invites some parties to participate in the event from both sides, Christian and Muslim communities.

“The spirit to resolve the misunderstanding becomes our reference. People outside of Papua do not be provoked and take benefit on the dispute involving Muslim and GIDI communities in Tolikara for their interest. Do not make us as object for getting something. We are grateful that on Wednesday night (29/7/2015) both sides agreed to resolve that misunderstanding. We are Papuans, Muslims or Christians can resolve this problem,” the Rev. Benny Giay said when give the press conference at Kingmi Church Synod Office, Kota Jayapura on Thusday (30/7/2015).

Coordinator of worship Dominggus Pigay said the coalition has sent an announcement letter to the Papua Police with a copy to Jayapura Municipal Police related to the event.
“We will also send a letter to Papua Legislative Council for announcement. We have several agenda including theater performance on that occasion,” said Pigay.


Meanwhile Nahdatul Ulama Papua Regional Board, Ustad Rasyid Mayang said religious leaders and stakeholders in Papua could solve this misunderstanding without having to involve the outsiders. He said they know the current situation in Papua than others.
“This agreement indicates that religious communities and religious leaders in Papua could solve this problem. So, people live outside of Papua do not easily be provoked with the situation that they don’t know. Tolikara incident was an accident because of miscommunication,” Ustad Rasyid said. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)

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