Civil servants in West Papua - Jubi

Civil Service Organs Urged to Improve Their Capacity

Civil servants in West Papua - Jubi

Civil servants in West Papua – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – In the era of Asian Economic Community (AEC), civil service organs must keep abreast of changes, an official said.

“The fundamental challenge faced by both organizations, private and public in the era of AEC is competition in the labor market,” Assistant II for Economic Affairs and Social Welfare Elia Loupatty said in Jayapura this week.

He said the empowerment of personnel resources through education and training is a strategic effort to increase the competency of not only personnel but the capacity and performance of government organizations in providing services to the public.

In connection with that, the government continues to reform the bureaucracy through various regulations, but the most fundamental is how to reform the mindset of civil servants.
“Specially, the leaders who play important role, need to increase the overall capacity of the bureaucracy to the creation of Good Local Governance,” he said.


In addition, the reform of personnel continued through regulatory changes in the field of management training civilian state apparatus in accordance with the demands of the times and the needs of society for better services.

Previously, Papua Governor Lukas Enembe said ASN development policy is made to support the acceleration of the implementation of sustainable development policies.
“This is done so that we are able to provide support and facilitate the accelerated development of the productive regions in Papua,” Lukas Enembe said. (Alexander Loen/ Tina)

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