Illustrated - Jubi

Civil Servant and Parliament Arrested for Consuming Alcohol

Illustrated - Jubi

Illustrated – Jubi

Enarotali, Jubi – The Glue, Alcohol and Drugs Eradication Team (PAMN) in Paniai continues to minimize the circulation of liquor in the area.

During the information campaign over the past week the team seized six bottles of whisky and four bottles of vodka allegedly belonging to civil servants and two local parliament members identified by their initials EN and PU.

PAMN also seized a number of alcohol beverages owned by Brimob personnel in Agamakotu, Enarotali.
The officers were suspected to secretly sold in Paniai. “We also take the type of alcohol is 70% owned by residents as well,” he said.

It also secured four people who were found were consuming alcohol. Therefore, they are required to pay fines as agreed some time ago. “If you do not pay (fines), we will send you in the police custody,” he said.


Previously, Paniai youth leader, Martinus Pigai say, the whole society appreciated this movement.

“The team has been working well. However, now need the support and cooperation of all parties in Paniai to encourage the formation of a legal entity as a legal guarantee for this team, “said Martinus. (Abeth You/Tina)

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