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Churches in Paniai Reject Circumcision to prevent HIV/AIDS


Jayapura, Jubi – The Churches and residents of Paniai Regency, Papua remain opposed the idea of circumcision by health authorities.

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“We have conducted a campaign on circumcision in Paniai, however, churches except for the Kingmi Church and Catholic Church rejected the invitation,” said Medical Services Chief of Paniai Public Hospital, Febur Mote in Jayapura on Wednesday (25/11/2015).

According to him, while receiving the invitation letter, some Kemah Injil Church authorities instantly ripped it with the thought what had created properly by God shall not be changed, by God properly shall not be changed.

“In fact we gave this suggestion merely as prevention and control of HIV/AIDS and other infectious deceases,” Mote said.

He further said not only the churches but also the Paniai residents also reject and do not want to accept the invitation to do circumcision. The hospital authority has conducted a campain on circumcision, but changing their habit is a difficult challenge. People refused it for many reasons, in particular religious factor.


They thought the circumcision is the practice of Islam, while Christians do not practice it.

“It is difficult for us in the Paniai Hospital to change their understanding and habit, to change their mindset,” he said. But, he added, the hospital continues to conduct socialization to the level of local government’s offices, churches and schools in Paniai.

“Based on our recent activities, eventually there is 67 people accept and has been doing circumcision, most people reject it,” he said. (*/rom)

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