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Church asks authorities to relocate military post from Hitadipa


Nabire, Jubi – Evangelical Christian Church (GKI) Cluster Hitadipa asked the local government of Intan Jaya, Indonesian Military (TNI) and Police to immediately relocate the military post in Hitadipa.


“On behalf of 24 GKI churches (in Papua), we asked the military police to vacate or relocate to another place. It is for assuring our congregations who are currently on refugee returning to their houses safely,” said Rev Yahya Sani, the Counsellor of Cluster Hitadipa to Jubi by phone on Friday (25/9/2020).


He also asked the security forces not to commit violence against civilians because they are victims.



In the meantime, the Secretary of GKI Cluster Hitadipa Yusak Zanambani said four Indonesian soldiers allegedly involved in the shooting of Rev Yermias Zanambani on 19 September 2020 at around 4 pm local time.


“We have four witnesses, namely Mrs Miriam Zanambani, Mrs Yulita Zanambani, Mrs Yohana Zanambani and a resident,” he said.


According to him, the witnesses were standing 50 meters from the scene. “Rev Yermias passed away at midnight Papua time,” he said. (*)


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Editor: Pipit Maizier

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