Destruction of liquors in the office yard of Jayapura Regent, Friday (May 26) – IST

The Church asked government to issue a ban on circulation of liquors


Destruction of liquors in the office yard of Jayapura Regent, Friday (May 26) – IST

Sentani, Jubi – Central Board of Evangelical Churches in Indonesia (BPP GIDI) requested the Provincial Government of Papua and districts to enforce the ban on the distribution of alcoholic beverages in Papua.

GIDI President Dorman Wandikmbo said he appreciated what the Papuan governor has done on the ban. However, the ban must be accompanied by the assertiveness of the regent/mayor in the province of Papua.

“We, the Churches would like to thank you, the governor who has stipulated ban on drinking alcohol. But other regents and mayors should also immediately enact local regulations. If there is no local regulation, people will continue selling in various regions and places,” he said Monday (May 29).

He also requested that air and ground transportation lines should be closely watched to prevent the delivery of banned goods including liquors.


He suspects there are officials who play in circulation of liquors, which is why they are so difficult to eradicate.

“The Papuan people died because of four things, namel, alcohol, HIV, tribal/political wars, and also died because of the gun (shooting). If one of this four is revoked, then the Church will work with the government to combat alcohol,” he said.

The same thing is said by the Chairman of the Central Board of Communications Service of Papuan Baptist Churches (BPP PGGBP) Titus Jikwa. He said that despite the regional regulation, liquors still entered the rural areas in Papua.

“These liquors got to the interior; even the people in the forest were also drunk. Who is this to send? Who work on this? The security apparatus must also have role on this. In Abe, Kotaraja and Waena those were sold openly. Apparently the police are also play. It is the same as feeding the animals in order just to be hit,” he said. (*)

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