Children Skip School to Help Parent’s Work


Merauke, Jubi – Many school-age children skip school to help their parents gather food in the forests,  a school principal said.

“I have to honestly say that the there is lack of awareness of parents to send their children to school .It can be seen from the classroom every day that only a few children, ”  the principal of Inpres Elementary School in Kondo, Merauke, Juliana J Dimara, said Saturday ( 1/11).

Only 10 students remain in the classroom while the rest join their parents at work to get food and fish in the swamp.
“We have talked to parents many times to not take them to the forest,” she added.

Such condition made her decide to follow the children, give lessons in the forest and persuade the parents not to bring children into the forest.
“Yes, I am determined to do that for children’s future. Moreover, children generally are Papuans who should be given attention very well, especially proper education, “she said.

As many as 5 teachers and all run their duties as usual. The only problem is that parents do not provide the support and motivation to the children.
“I hope the Merauke government could give advice to parents about the importance of education,” she said.


Vice-regent of Merauke, Sunarjo, said it gave appreciation to the teachers in Kondo village.

He further said education is very important for everyone. Therefore, parents should also continue to encourage children to come to school each day. “The kids should not go to the forest. Otherwise, they can not learn to write and read well. ” (Frans L Kobun/Tina)

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