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Friday, 9 January 2015 - 06:16 WIB

Children Leave School to Forest for Drinking Water

Merauke, Jubi – Drinking water scarce has become a serious problem for the local residents of Waan Sub-district of Merauke Regency. In rainy season, they used to utilize the rainwater to cook, but in drought season, they must go to the forest searching for a pond although the water is not clean enough for drinking.


Former Merauke councilor, Dominikus Ulukyanan told to Jubi on Monday (5/1) he just returned from some villages located at Waan Sub-district. He saw the local people are struggling, particularly to obtain some water.


“I often visit Waan Sub-district and stay there for months. We have to order some water from Kimmaan Sub-district transported using the speedboat. It’s only for drinking, while for cleaning, we used the sea water,” he said.



He further said people feel quite helped if it comes the rainy season. But in long drought season, they will leave the village and bring their children to the forest for searching the water source.


“Yes, they have no choice, but they still must take it. Since not everyone could buy the water from Kimaam and rent a speedboat. It’s very expensive,” he said.


In the recent time, the education at Waan Sub-district is not well implemented and the teachers are always highlighted. But he observed when the teachers were at the village; the children were at the forest with their parents for weeks or even months. He also said he will meet the Merauke Regent Romanus Mbaraka addressing the education and water issues.


Meanwhile, the Waan Sub-district Chief, Frederikus Buer admitted the local residents often complained about the drinking water. “I have expressed their voice to the government, but obtained no response until now,” he said. (Frans L Kobun/Rom)

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