Children Friendly Puskesmas to Create Healthy and Children Friendly City


Jayapura, Jubi – Jayapura Municipal Health Office has committed to create children friendly Puskesmas (Community Health Centers) to contribute to the children friendly city initiative.

During the commemoration of the National Health Day in Jayapura Municipality, the office held a Children Friendly Puskesmas competition involving. 12 Puskesmas in Jayapura Municipality, said the Head of Jayapura Municipal Health Office, Dolarina De Breving to Jubi on Wednesday.
“The scoring started since last week. Only three Puskemas have not yet been scored, namely Puskesmas Abepantai, Skouw and Koya Barat,” De Breving said.

Judgment is not on the physical construction but also on the services especially to the children. “How they make children confortable. It could be created not only through the staffs, how they treated their patients, but also its supported environment,” De Breving said.

She described the current atmosphere in puskesmas is now similar with the kindergarten. “Besides the medical equipment, puskesmas also provided some toys for children such as dolls, toy cars and posters. “It made the children happy; they even don’t want to go home because it’s fun,” she said.

It all the efforts to encourage the children to be recovered soon from their illness without excessive pain or fear. “With this kind of service, we are ready to support the city as the health and children friendly city,” she said.


Meanwhile, the Head of Puskesmas Kotaraja, Vanny Jelly Seran said the children friendly service has been applied to her office since two years ago. “We have remove the fear ambiance, so now the children feel at home and comfortable in their queue,” she said. (Sindung Sukoco/rom)

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