Chairman of Parliament of Papua Province (Jubi)

Chairperson of DPRP : Every case occured there (Puncak Jaya), the regent was not there

Chairman of Parliament of Papua Province (Jubi)

Chairman of Parliament of Papua Province (Jubi)

Jayapura , 7/1 ( Jubi ) – Parliament of Papua (DPRP) ask Regent of Puncak Jaya, Papua to find the best solution for the violence that still happening in the region .

Chairperson of DPRP, Deerd Tabuni say, a string of violence occurred in Puncak Jaya in recent days will have an impact on the economies in the region .

“Certainly it will be impacted on the economy there. I expect Regent of Puncak Jaya is in there in order to find solutions . But i have question , where is Regents now? It’s hard to reach him . I regret that every case occured there, the regent was not there, he always leaving, ” said Deerd Tabuni on Tuesday ( 7/1 ).

According to him , the Parliament of Papua are ready to form a team and facilitate all parties to sit together. Including the opposing groups (West Papua Freedom Movement-ed) .


“The Parliament of Papua is ready to team up to get there, so people do not become victims. Especially if pursuits happens,” he said.

Deerd said he was concerned the problem in Puncak Jaya will be even greater . For that all parties should sit together to discuss this problems.

“We also questioned the claim on 100 West Papua Liberation Army (OPM) who surrender. This OPM is derived from which area or heading where? It should be clear, ” he said again.

Deerd also assess the police at the police station is not dicipline. Because most of these police left the station so that the armed group attacked and seized eight firearms .

” Police also missed . They left the station and only two police stay there. They also left the weapons. Though that is prone areas . Is it a scenario or what ? I think we need to establish a team. Then we will find out what happened there and the seized weapons were to be returned . It is a respectable way,” said Deerd . (Jubi/Arjuna/Victor Mambor)

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