Central Government Must Provide Certainty about Freeport, says Papua Governor


Jayapura, Jubi – Papua Governor Lukas Enembe urged the central government to immediately provide certainty about Freeport’s business.

“We do not talk about Freeport’s contract extension being confirmed because it’s already accommodated in the Regulations. But it needs a long stage and procedure to get through it. That’s why we need certainty to get over those stages,” the governor told reporters on Friday evening (25/12/2015) in Jayapura.

The governor, accompanied by Director of Freeport Indonesia, Maroef Sjamsoeddin during a Christmas open house in the governor’s residence, said Jakarta must be on the same page about the existence of Freeport that has been built with large investment.

According to him, Freeport’s existence does not only have an impact towards local economic development in Papua but also at the national scale, as well as towards the politics of Indonesia.

He said if at the end the government extends the Freeport’s contract in Papua, the local government expected to have 10 of 30 percent of company shares that planned to be divested. “We are still reviewing that issue, in particular about the funding,” he said.


However, he affirmed expecting the stocks would not given to private sector. “It is clear that we would give it to private sector. But we are still finding the best way,” he said.

He also expected to obtain the percentage of Freeport’s corporate tax for ten percent. During the time Freeport still pay 35 percent of tax whereas the provision requires only 25 percent.

Further the governor said he would convey about related Freeport’s issues and the position of Papua Provincial Government to the President Joko Widodo who plans to visit Papua.

Meanwhile, Maroef Sjamsoedding said he appreciated the communication efforts between Freeport as investor and both Papua and Central Government as regulator.

“We should have same point of view regarding to the sustainability of Freeport’s investment that is part of national asset,” he said.

He also appealed all stakeholders to sit together to discuss and review the existing regulation, in particular about the negative issues concerning to Freeport in the past. “Let’s see what is better for the future. If I was considered being unopened, I am now transparent,” said Maroef.

Before coming to Christmas party in Papua Governor’s resident, he also came to the similar event hosted by West Papua Barat Governor Abraham Octavianus Atururi and his Vice Governor Irene Manibuy in Manokwari on Friday afternoon. (*/rom)

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