Cement Raw Raw Spreading at Jayapura Regency


Sentani, Jubi – Officials from the Jayapura government who visited PT Semen Gresik in East Java said that Jayapura has been recognized as a source of raw materials for cement .

“We were surprised to find out at a presentation that the outsiders recognized the natural potency of our region. But it’s not important. The important thing is how we use it for regional development and local community’s economic improvement,” said Jayapura Regent Matius Awoitau last week.

Through the presentation, further said the regent, it is said the Jayapura Regency have strategic location and access to support the development of cement factory in the future, such as the cargo seaport, water and air transportations.
To materialize the cement factory, the regent asked the entire landowners whose the land would be allocated for the future cement factory to be ready and provide convenience and opportunity to the private sector to develop the area.

Further he said the local government are very appreciated the plan to build the cement factory in Jayapura Regency, however, it should be applied through the process of comprehensive assessments from many parties to ensure the alignment towards the local government as well as the local community.

Meanwhile in the separate place, the Jayapura Regional Company Supervisory Board member Hengky Yoku who directly involved in this project confirmed about the presentation made by Indonesia Cement Company.


“We are now preparing a team to conduct several assessments and verifications to the certain locations to take the samples of basic material raw for further process before the implementation of project,” he said. (Engelberth Wally/rom)

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