Students blockaded the Papua Medical School campus (Jubi)


Students blockaded the Papua Medical School campus (Jubi)

Students blockaded the Papua Medical School campus (Jubi)

Jayapura , 2/6 ( Jubi ) – Students of the Medical Faculty (FK) of Cenderawasih University ( Uncen ) blockaded the Papua Medical School campus at the Dok II Jayapura hospital after faculty’s dean ignored rector’s decision to suspend activities there.

“The rector has said that classes have been suspended for a while until the case is completed. The Papua Medical School  is part of Cenderasih university,” protest leader Benyamin Lagowan told on Monday ( 2/6 ) .

“Classes should be stopped temporarily. If our demands have not been realized, we will continue the blockage. Our demand is very simple. We ask for a wide range of facilities to support the teaching and learning process,” Lagowan added.

Students have proposed steps to address the impasse, including lecturer recruitment, transparency of the budget and prioritization of Papuans.
“Yet, they have been ignored, so we take to the streets, ”  Lagowan said.


Another student leader, Gerson Mulikma urged the faculty to address the grievances of the students. Currently, Commission D is handling this case that Rector’s policies can address the needs of students.
“The conflict has occurred  because dean’s policy does not meet the requirements. We asked for the wisdom of the Rector to address these needs as soon as possible and do not drag on longer in order to avoid the things, ” Mulikma said.

Meanwhile, Isma Wandik, a medical student also said that it is a serious problem that need to handle.
“For the sake of our future particularly for Medical studensts, we hope that rector of Uncen address this seriously, so our preparation would not be hindered , ” Isma said , one of 169 students in Papua Medical School . (Jubi / Indrayadi TH / Tina)

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