BUMD asked to contribute in economy in a discussion on May 15 in Jayapura - Jubi/Sindung

BUMD is directed to stabilize prices in Papua


BUMD asked to contribute in economy in a discussion on May 15 in Jayapura – Jubi/Sindung

Jayapura, Jubi – Representative Office of Bank Indonesia Papua discuss the Role of BUMD (Regional Owned Enterprises) in pushing the economy of Papua Province in Jayapura last week.

The discussion was participated by representatives of BUMDs, banks and related institutions in Papua, aims to encourage the role of BUMDs in handling inflation in Papua.

Chief Representative of Bank Indonesia Joko Supratikto said, BUMD become one of the key to stabilize prices in Papua.

“BUMD is a tool that can be used by the government to maintain stock and to control prices, and we invite one of East Java-owned enterprises to control the stock and prices there, so that we can also encourage local enterprises to match and play at similar rhyme with BUMD in East Java, “he said.


In addition, he said, BUMD will be able to work with other BUMDs across Indonesia or other provinces. So that there will be reciprocal cooperation between BUMD commodities.

Related to whom and how the implementation, Joko claimed it will discuss in detail with the Provincial Government of Papua.

Head of Research and Development Agency of Papua Province Omah Laduani discusses the perspective of inter-regional trade policy from local government, such as regulation, evaluation of the role of BUMD, and the obstacles of regulations.

Elia Loupatty, Assistant II of Papuan Economic Secretariat hopes that BUMDs can help the people’s economy.

“We hope that BUMDs can play a role and have implications for the people of Papua,” he said. (*)

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