Bulog to Build Warehouse for 3,500 Tons of Rice in Merauke



Merauke, Jubi – The State Logistic Agency (Bulog) in Merauke will build a warehouse with a capacity of 3,500 tons of rice in Kurik District district.

The head of Bulog, Zulcarnean Nurdin, said on Thursday (18/02/2016) he was still awaiting instructions from the central government.

“Indeed, this year, construction of warehouses will be realized,” he said.

Furthermore Nurdin explained, Bulog had approximately eight warehouse. However, the capacity to accommodate the rice is still very limited. So it takes a larger building and can accommodate rice in large quantities.


“We must admit that, from year to year, production of rice from farmers increased,” he said.

He explained, it needs a larger building to accommodate the rice from farmers.
“Yes, the construction of warehouses have been started this year. So it can be completed on time and can be utilized,” he said.

Papua provincial government plans to build a warehouse of rice in Merauke,

Nurdin further said about the plan of Papua provincialto build a warehouse of rice, has been heard. Only the location of the warehouse or construction site is not known for sure.

Chief of Semangga district, Rekianus Samkakai said some time ago, Semangga became one of the centers for the development of agriculture, especially rice. (Frans L Kobun/Tina)

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