Illustration of Mama Papua selling Noken - IST

BTM claimed had never ban Morning Star’s noken


Illustration of Mama Papua selling Noken – IST

Jayapura, Jubi – Mayor of Jayapura, Benhur Tomi Mano (BTM) denied if he was called banning Mama-mama Papua to sell noken with Bintang Kejora motifs, as reported earlier this media.

“I do not prohibit people from selling Morning Star Noken.  I will report the journalist who had wrote it to the police for what he had written, “said Mayor Mano, in front of a group of students who came to the Mayor’s Office to demonstrate to reject local alcoholic drinks circulation in the city of Jayapura.
According to Mano, he only said that for Mama-mama who sells the Morninh Star noken to keep selling but with careful.
He said one Mama asked him whether she should sell the noken and he claimed to said yes. “Just sell it. I do not forbid her, “said Mano.
Because of the news, he said he was protested by students who forbade him to enter a campus.
“It’s harm my good name. Should not be like that. And that’s not true,” he continued.
Mama-mama the noken sellers, according to Mano are one hundred percent support himself as mayor of Jayapura.
To note, the news broadcast on October 13, titled “Jayapura banned Noken Morning Star motifs” mentions that the Mayor of Jayapura, Benhur Tomi Mano requested that Mama mama who sells Noken to not selling ones with Morning Star motifs.
“I ask them not to multiply Noken Bintang Kejora. And the mama heard what I said, “said Mayor Mano To reporters after a sudden inspection in Imbi Park, Friday (October 13).
Responding to the statement of the Mayor of Jayapura, the responsible chief of, Victor Mambor said it was the right of a citizen to express his objection to the news regarding him. The right is guaranteed in the Press Law no. 40 of 1999 on the Press.
“Article 1, paragraphs 11 to 13 describes the right, namely the right of reply and right of correction. Please convey the right of reply and right of corrections according to the law. And a media is also obliged to cover the right of reply and make corrections if there is something wrong in the news,” said Mambor. (

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