British ambassador to Indonesia Moazzam Malik (left) - Jubi

British Ambassador to Promote Cooperation with Papua Province

British ambassador to Indonesia Moazzam Malik (left) - Jubi

British ambassador to Indonesia Moazzam Malik (left) – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – British ambassador to Indonesia Moazzam Malik visited Papua to promote various programs in the field of environment, education and development.

Malik was welcomed by assistant I of provincial government Doren Wakerkwa and the head of the Planning Agency Muhammad Musa’ad, and head of Public Relations and Protocol FX Mote, in Jayapura this week.
“This is my first visit to Papua. My country has been cooperating with the Indonesian government, including the government of Papua since 2012. The cooperation is in environmental field because Papua’s forests are the lungs of the world, ” Malik said.

He added the meeting was about how to establish cooperation with the Papua government, report the results and evaluation of the progress of the three year – program as well as the tools on how to protect forests and the environment in Papua.

Since 2012, British government has been providing a tool to protect forests and oversee the layout in Papua, called SIMATARU.
“We have created a tool to oversee Papua spatial called SIMTARU. This tool is a map of the entire region of Papua that can be accessed by government and general public. Through the tool we will know which area can be allowed for development and which areas are protected or can not be used for development, “he explained.


He added that this tool is very important to implement for the future spatial development of Papua. The tool can reduce poverty, and can prevent environmental damage.

“This tool has been used for three years and in the meeting I have explained some of the results that have been achieved, and what steps will be taken in the future,” he said. (Alexander Loen/ Tina)

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