Ulis Turot, the shooting victim, after the surgery in Sorong hospital - IST

Brimob personnel in South Sorong allegedly shot one citizen


Ulis Turot, the shooting victim, after the surgery in Sorong hospital – IST

Jayapura, Jubi – Residents around SMP Negeri I Aifat, South Sorong, was shocked last Thursday (20th April) by the shooting of an ordinary citizen conducted by a mobile brigade member (Brimob). The victim, named Ulis Turot, was shot on the right back of his hip until the bullet penetrated into the front of his abdomen.

Mario, an eyewitness to this incident said it occurred around 12:00 at local time. Before the shot, the victim was seen asking for cigarettes at a stall owned by a teacher of SMP Negeri I Aifat.

“The teacher did want to give a cigarette and Ulis who was under influence of alcohol drinks pressed the teacher to give him cigarette. The teacher was panic and call Brimob on the phone,” said Mario via telephone, Friday (April 2st 2017).

Shortly after, three members of Brimob (still unidentified) came to the kiosk location, and then hit the victim. The victim ran to his house, not far from school. He came out again with a machete and went to the back of the house. The three members of Brimob followed the victims. Somehow, two shots were heard. Then the victim Ulis ran to the front of his house while holding his stomach.


“Ulis was shot on the right back of his and the bullet penetrated into the front of his abdomen,” explained Mario.

At that time, continued Mario, an adult woman named Magda wanted to record video of the victim. However, he was reprimanded by one of the Brimob officers so she did not record it.

“While in front of the house, the Brimob still beat Ulis, handcuffed and dragged him into Brimob Patrol car. This event was witnessed by local residents and Head of North Aifat District, Roni Kocu, “continued Mario.

He was then being brought into the brimob car and took him to the Kumurkek Police Station without informed his family. The district chief followed the authorities.

Seli Kosho, victim’s family in Sorong just learned about the shootings after received a call by a TNI member in the afternoon. Seli was told that Ulis was in Sorong General Hospital, which is about 200 km from Kumurkek or 6 hours by car.

“Friday, April 21st 2017, at 10:00 am Ulis was having surgery for the second time in Sorong hospitals,” said Seli.

Jubi called the phone number of South Sorong Police Chief, AKBP Iwan Surya Ananta, S.IK on Saturday (22nd April) to confirm this incident. But the number cannot be contacted. Ealier in Friday night, Jubi also had asked the Police Chief via WhatsApp channel and sent pictures of the victim after the surgery to get him confirmation. But the Chief did not respond. (*)

Reporter : Victor Mambor

Editor     : Zely Ariane

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