Local peoples in Tamboji, West Papia (Jubi)

BPS Papua To Record Poor Population Data

Local peoples in Tamboji, West Papia (Jubi)

Local peoples in Tamboji, West Papia (Jubi)

Jayapura, Jubi – The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) of Papua Province is scheduled to conduct a census to collect data on poor people in the region.

The head of BPS Papua Province Didik Kusbiyanto in Jayapura on Monday (04/05/2015) said it will use a different system to the one used nationally.
“What we do is essentially administrative record, by striking and crossing out residents who are not poor anymore,” he said.

According to Didik, if in other places BPS, it looks for people who are poor, in Papua it will look for people are not poor, so the system is reversed.
“National system is inapplicable in Papua and West Papua, especially in mountain areas that the cost is higher than the people recorded,” he said. To record the poor people, it will invite the heads of RT / RW to identify them. He added that it is done to avoid the risk of data “error” because it is invalid. (*)


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