Papua Government office (IST)


Papua Government office (IST)

Papua Government office (IST)

Jayapura , 12/5 ( Jubi ) – Papua Financial and Asset Management Agency (BPKAD) is now taking over the management of government assets owned by Papua province since there is a overlap in its functions.

Previously, asset management was handled by general bureau of the Papua Regional Secretariat (Setda Papua). The submission of trillions of rupiah worth of assets was directly conducted by the  head of general bureau of Papua Regional Secretariat, Elly F Auri to Head of BPKAD, Benyamin Arisoy and witnessed by Secretary of Papua, Hery Dosinaen at a secretariat meeting room in Jayapura ,Papua on Monday (12/5)

The assets are a recap of land certificates belonging to Papua province, including office buildings, hotels and dormitory buildings. In addition, there are also 302 four – wheeled vehicles and 248 two-wheeled vehicles.

Land owned by provincial government of Papua Government such as 165 parcels in Jayapura city, 15 parcels in Jayapura regency area, 3 parcels in Keerom , 10 parcels in Biak, 6 parcels in Merauke, 5 parcel in Nabire, 4 parcels in Wamena, 3 parcels in Mimika , 3 parcels in Serui , one parcel in Sarmi , and lands that located outside Papua province are 23 parcels.


Papua regional secretary, Hery Dosinaen said that by local regulations on the restructuring of the organization within Papua provincial government, allowing provincial BPKAD to manage and organize Papua Province assets.
“The valuable documents will be assessed and collected both government employee homes, land, and other vehicles. Now our duty is to manage and organize more comprehensively and better so that those assets can be functioned exist and would have economic value , especially to increase provincial revenues, ” Dosinaen said.

When asked about the amount of the value, secretary admitted, he could not be able to give a definite nominal but he estimated that the total value of the assets is about a trillion dollars including land and dormitory outside of Papua.
“There are about hundreds of documents submitted to BPKAD. So, I urged for those who have not complete the removal of official vehicles for immediate completed by the end of May 2014 , ” he said .

Regarding Papua assets located in Tanah Abang Jakarta, the provincial government has formed a committee that will attempt to negotiate with Papuans and non- Papuan society that currently occupy the region .
“We will execute and hopefully everyone can complete it in the near future , ” he said .

In the same place, Elly F Auri said that BPKAD will manage and organize the entire assets and expects to all occupants government houses and vehicles  to complete all payments by Thursday or Saturday. ( Jubi / Alex / Tina )

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