Jayapura , 3/2 ( Jubi ) – Social Security Agency ( BPJS ) healthcare in Papua assessed by Ombudsman of the Republic of Indonesia ( ORI ) Representative of Papua in Jayapura has made a mess because they have to press a small community .

“If BPJS want to serve the community well, serve them well not to make the society confused. This is same like making chaotic in Papua. Papua already have Health Card ( KPS ) but with BPJS make all public fixated on BPJS ,” said Sabar Iwanggin , Chief Representative ORI to reporters in Entrop, Jayapura, Papua, on Monday ( 2/3 ).
ORI Papua also assesses, this is a form of injustice as well as extortion due to sick or not, pay the insurance still continues. The BPJS asked for money to the community but processes in hospitals when there are people who are sick, still complicated.
“People pay then want to go on medical treatment in the hospital but the process of claims it’s hard. The hospital always making excuses,” said Sabar again.
ORI Representative Papua assess, BPJS receive contributions from the community but do not look to the implementation of small communities. Sabar then tell an example of case. There is a case in Abepura hospital, a woman is a patient’s and also participant of BPJS. She met the doctor and then got a recipe from the doctor to buy drugs in pharmacies because it cannot be claimed or type of the medicine that search by the woman is outside of the BPJS claims.
“Everything that is not transparent maybe need not to apply because the accountability is not clear,” said Sabar.
Melania Kiriho, assistant Ombudsman of Papua, said the insurance is mutual help, but unable people keep paying.
“The unable people still have to pay twenty five thousand rupiah,” regret Melan. (Jubi / Aprila / Frans)

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