Free West Papua Movement (Jubi)


Free West Papua Movement (Jubi)

Free West Papua Movement (Jubi)

Jayapura, 6/7 (Jubi) – Free Papua Movement (OPM) rebels in Pirime, Lanny Jaya regency have threatened to attack the city of Central Highlands to disrupt the July 9 presidential election.

The group, under the leadership of Erimbo Enden Wanimbo, said it was planning to attack a number of vital objects and the headquarters of the security forces on Sunday (6/7).
“We are calling for a boycott of the Presidential Election and demand for a referendum,” Wanimbo told reporters at the headquarters in Pirime, Lanny Jaya on Saturday (5/7).

He said the plan is part of OPM’s struggle for independence for Papua. During this time, the Indonesian government never give a chance for Papua to develop. Indonesia has colonizing Papua and has exploiting natural resources (SDA).
“Papua does not belong to Indonesia. Indonesia committed human rights violations, takes our land, destroy our forests. This moment, we are asking to give back all of them. We want free and independent,” he said.

He further said that the issue of human rights violations has begun since Indonesia government deployed the soldiers to enter the coastal and mountainous areas in Papua where there was holding the Act (the Act) which was far from fair and honest.
“The Papuans were killed during the Act. We could not resist, but now we are going against Indonesia with arrows and guns. We’ll see who wins,” he said.


Act of 1969 was implemented as part of New York agreement. Referendum (Pepera) was held in three stages, the first was consultations with regency council in Jayapura on the procedure for the implementation of the Act and second was the Act of Deliberation Council elections.
“The third was the implementation of the Act of Merauke to Jayapura. Referendum results were then taken to the UN General Assembly and approved on November 19, 1969. The Act was not valid. We demand a referendum over, ” Wanimbo explained.

Wanimbo is one of three ‘rulers’ of Papau movement army in the central highlands. The other two are Purom Wenda and Goliath Tabuni. He claimed as a young fighter who has hundreds of soldiers in the Pirime to Bolakme territories.

His Troops hold automatic weapons and often interfere with a number of military posts. His major action with his soldiers was to attack Pirime police station in Lanny Jaya on November 27 2012 and three members were killed. They are Pirime Police Chief Inspector Rolfi Takubessy, Brigadier Jefri Rumkorem, and Brigadier Daniel Makuker.

On Wedensday, November 28, 2012, They headed off Papua Police Chief, Inspector General Tito Carnavian and Asintel Military Command XVII of Paradise Col. Napoleon when they were on the way to Tiom in Lanny Jaya. There were no casualties in the incident.

In the closed interview, Wanimbo rejects the dialogue between Jakarta and Papua. He condemned any activity on behalf of the people of Papua and called for a peace talks between Indonesia and Papua.
“We do not need it, we need a referendum. If the dialogue, it’s just wasting time, “he said.

The ‘dialogue’ can be politicized by the elite.
“People do not need dialogue. If there is a network of OPM is to encourage negotiations or dialogue, we firmly reject it. It is not in line with our mission as a Papua fighter,” he explained.

He urged the Indonesian government and the international community immediately hold a referendum for Papua. According to him, in the Indonesian constitution contained the phrase “Surely, freedom is the right of all nations, therefore colonization over the world should be abolished because it does not conform with humanity and justice.”
“On that basis, we claim the right of self-determination through a valid referendum mechanism ,” he said.

In response to these threats, regional commander XVII of Cenderwasih, Major General (TNI) Christian Zebua said, he feels sad if there are a group who against them were shot dead.
“If they have taken up arms, of course we will reciprocate and do not hesitate to quell. We’re ready if they want to attack the security forces. There would be a welcome greeting from us, ” Regional Commandersaid in teleconference on Sunday (6/7). (Jubi / Indrayadi TH/ Tina)

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