Theys Eluay’s older son, Boy Eluay - Jubi

Boy Eluay: Let Theys Eluay Be Martyr for Special Autonomy

Theys Eluay’s older son, Boy Eluay - Jubi

Theys Eluay’s older son, Boy Eluay – Jubi

Sentani, Jubi – The family of Theys Eluay confirmed their objection to the National Right Human Commission’s plan to revive the investigation into the Papuan charismatic figure.

“We, the children and family, have never been told about this plan. If it was actually to come, please tell us,”  Eluay’s older son, Boy Eluay, said in Sentani on Monday (23//2/2015).

“What is it about?” he asked.

For him, his father Theys Eluay was a great Papuan leader. His death deprived Papuans of a figure who could speak for their aspirations.


He was also especially regarded as a great leader for people in Tanah Tabi (Tabi Customary Area).
“In particular, as Sentani people and part of Eluay Family, I lost the house’s pillar. As the older son, I should say to those who want to investigate my father’s death for not taking my father’s name like a flagpole,” he said.

He further said it’s enough to let only Theys Eluay becoming a martyr for the Special Autonomy in Papua.
“Someone else took benefit on the Special Autonomy, while we just stay and keep asking and asking, what did this country offer to the children of a great leader in this land?” he said.

Meanwhile at the same place, Eluay’s other son Yanto Eluay said in the Sentani culture, a death in a family has a price.
“My father’s death is for example. As a son in this house, I must pay a penalty to my father’s uncles.  This simple thing has not got attention from the government, and now they talked about the investigation of my father’s death?” Yanto Eluay said. (Engelberth Wally/rom)


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