Papua map - Suplied

Boundaries of West Papua completed This Year

Papua map - Suplied

Papua map – Suplied

Manokwari, Jubi – West Papua provincial government determined to solve the problem of boundaries this year.

The head of the government bureau and the secretariat of the regional autonomy of West Papua, Elisa Sroyer, said in Manokwari, Saturday (02/21/2016), that besides the boundaries between regencies, the government will also resolve the problem of the borders between the neighboring province of West Papua, such as North Maluku and Papua.

He added the settlement of the boundary becomes his priorities this year. The program will be tailored to the region segmentation, both regencies/ cities and provinces.

According to him, the program has been accommodated in Budget Implementation List (DPA), which has been submitted to governor of West Papua at PKK hall (17/2).


He explained, the agreement of point boundary of region must be met in the filed of regional expansion of new autonomous regions. The boundary should be made clear, so it will not cause problems in the future.

“Minister of the Interior, Tjahjo Kumolo conveyed, DOB should not be problematic due to the issue of the boundary,” he said.

He said, currently there are still conflicting areas in West Papua such as Manokwari to South Manokwari, South Manokwari to Pegunungan Arfak and Sorong to Sorong city.

For Sorong regency and city , Sroyer claimed to have communicated with the head of the local area. He is optimistic, the issue of the boundary of the two regions could be completed this year.

“This year we will take steps to resolve, because this year, Sorong will be the host of regional meeting of West Papua,” he said.

He said that efforts to resolve the boundary issue two of these areas, it will be seeked to bring together indigenous regents and mayors. It must be done before a period of two heads of the region ended in 2017.

He added that the issue of the boundary will hinder development. This issue will adversely affect the certainty of the status of the region in which people living in border areas.

If it is not resolved, people on the border would be difficult to access government services, he added. For that, he appealed, each head of regency who is still experiencing problems boundary, to put aside their egos, so the issue can be immediately completed. (*)

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