Border of Indonesia - PNG (Jubi)

Border Surveillance Should be Tightened

Border of Indonesia - PNG (Jubi)

Border of Indonesia – PNG (Jubi)

Jayapura, Jubi – A Papuan concillor expressed concerned about the rise of marijuana trafficking in Papua, especially in Jayapura where the drug mostly comes from Papua New Guinea.

A member of the Papua Legislative Council’s Commission I on Political, Foreign Relations, Governance, Law and Human Rights , Tan Wie Long said to minimize the entry of cannabis from neighboring countries, surveillance on the Papua-PNG border needed to be tightened.

He said monitoring in the border area has so far been more focused on security.
“I hope the supervision will not only focus on the security aspect. Drugs are very dangerous for young generation. Marijuana from PNG is trafficked through unofficial entry or path that is not routinely monitored. Yet it can not be allowed. All parties must work together in order improve border control,” Tan Wie Long said via phone last week.

He said the rampant circulation of cannabis in Papua is very alarming and needs to be taken seriously by all related parties.
“Why is it so easy to enter Papua? This condition needs to be taken seriously. Do not let the future of the Papuan generation be destroyed because of drugs,” he said.


Previous members of the Parliament of Papua that also chairman of the National Anti-Drug Movement (Granat) Papua, Yan Ayomi said, marijuana circulating in Papua mostly entered through the land courier and sea of ​​PNG.
“It could even happen transactions at sea through fishing. This marijuana enjoyed by all circles. It’s just that we do not have data on the percentage distribution of cannabis in Papua every year, ” Yan Ayomi stated that time. (Arjuna Pademme/ Tina)

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