PNG Kina - Suplied

Border Market Uses Kina for Transactions

PNG Kina - Suplied

PNG Kina – Suplied

Jayapura, Jubi – Border transactions in the market are still using the PNG currency, Kina , although more are using Rupiah, the head of Border and Foreign Cooperation of Papua Province Suzana Wanggai said.

“Most of the transactions in the border market are in kina, although many are using the rupiah,” Suzana Wanggai said in Jayapura this week.

He said, in the border markets of PNG citizens who become consumers are still using Kina as transaction tool.

Method of payment is determined by the trader and the consumer, but because they still lack the supervision of the parties related technical, so they still use PNG currency.
“Of course, this monitoring should be carried out all parties, especially the relevant technical agencies,” he said.


To that end, the Papua provincial government encourages foreign exchange traders (money changer) official in the border region of Indonesia – Papua New Guinea (PNG), in order to prevent the practice of illegal money exchange.
“One Kina worth Rp4.300 or Rp4.500. So, we need all the legal foreign exchange traders,” she added.

Moreover, the intensity of economic activity in the border region is higher where people often come to buy basic necessities. (*)

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