Bootleggers Resort to Yeast to Make Liqour


Merauke, Jubi- Bootleggers have switched to yeast (fermipan) to make alcoholic beverages after police cracked down on alcohol made from coconuts.

“The use fermipan is a new to producing gin,” Merauke police chief Sri Satyatama told reporters at his office on Monday (3/11).

“In the next one or two days, I will issue a circular to the shops and ask them to report if there are people who buy fermipan in large quantities and  police will move to the area,” she said.  Fermipan is usually used as a baking ingredient.

“This year, the number of persons who consume alcohol decreased dramatically than a few years ago,”she said.
Police and all stakeholders work together to break the chain of alcoholic manufacture as it will certainly impact to the decrease of the crime rate as well such as rape and other criminal acts.

Merauke police spokesman Inspector Richard Nainggolan said police would conduct sweeping operations soon. (Frans L Kobun / Albert Yomo/ Tina)


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