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Ilustration (IST)

Ilustration (IST)

Jayapura, 15/6 (Jubi) – Three days after the ceremony of arrow breaking as symbol of peace between two disputed tribes in Mimika, Papua on Tuesday, (10/6), the local residents found the bodies of three suspected victims of violence.

The first body was found on Thursday (12/6) at Kilometer 2, Jayanti, Mimika.  The victim was identified as Marianus Tanni (25 years old). He was stabbed with a knife and arrows.

A day later, residents found another victim identified as Joel Nikme (23 years old) at Jalan Baru. In protest against his killing, the Amungme tribe blocked the street near the scene.

Papua Police Spokesperson  Senior Commissioner Sulistyo Pudjo Hartono told to reporters the local residents found the body beside the Prison located in the Residential Unit VI, Jalan Iwaka, Kuala Kencana Sub-district.
“Before the incident, some local residents heard screaming in the scene, and found the victim lying on the road’s side and covered with blood. He was stabbed,” said Hartono on Saturday (14/6).


According to him, the police are still looking for the perpetrator and the motive behind this murder. Five people have been questioned. But the police assumed this case is purely criminal.

Meanwhile a Mimika resident, Laurace Septian said local residents once again found the body identified as Thomas Kapaparea (19) from Kamora tribe who lived in Jalan Ahmad Yani Mimika.
“The victim was found on Saturday (14/6) at around 05.00 Papua time in front of the Mimika State Electricity Company at Jalan Ahmad Yani, Mimika City,” said Septian by phone to on Saturday afternoon (14/6).

According to him, a resource confirmed the victim was dead because of some cut and stabbed injuries. “But some also said he was dead because of traffic accident. But the situation is just fine, no worries among the residents,” he said.

However, until the story has written, the police has not yet confirmed about this founding. (Jubi/Arjuna/rom)

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