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‘Bible-burning’ case, Governor: Church is waiting TNI settlement


Lukas Enembe – IST

Jayapura, Jubi – Papua Governor Lukas Enembe said entire churches in Papua are waiting for the investigation of legal settlement process in the case of bible-burning in Korem 172 / PWY dormitory on 25 May.

“The church is waiting for a settlement by the TNI. I ask the Commander to immediately process the persons involved and be punished based on his actions,” said Governor Enembe at the State House of Papua Province to Commander XVII Cenderawasih, Saturday (June 3).

Governor Enembe asserted that all churches and Christians in Papua are waiting for TNI move in solving the case.

“Although the native Papuans and Christians love other humans, the case must be resolved. In order for not becoming further question for Papuans and other Christians, “explained Enembe.


Furthermore, Governor Enembe asked for parties within the TNI institution do not hamper the legal settlement process of this case. The trial process should be done immediately and openly.
” I hope the military do not hinder. The legal process must go according to the rules,” said Governor Enembe.

Pangdam XVII Cenderawasih on the same occasion confirmed his commitment to resolve the case mentioned by the Governor.

“I put my position on risk for it if I do not process the case correctly,” promises the Commander.

He appealed to the people of Papua, especially in Jayapura City to not easily believe in issues that are not true.

“Trust everything on the legal process,” Pangdam appealed.

Whatever the outcome will be, the Commander will be publicly announced. And when the court process is done, it will be done openly in response to community inquiries. (*)

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