Biak Regent Apologize for Lack of Women in Second Echelon


Biak, Jubi – Biak Numfor Regent Thomas Alfa Edison Ondy apologized to all Biak women for a lack of females in the 40-strong second echelon of his government.

The officials were installed on Monday (9/3/2015) at Gedung Wanita Biak. No woman has been appointed because they did not meet qualifications for the position of office heads.

However, the regent has prepared some women to be appointed as echelon II officials. He listed their names including Director of Biak Public Hospital, Secretary of Biak Health Office, Secretary of Regional Civil Service Agency and other female officials who currently held the position of echelon III and IV.

Meanwhile, the regent asked the new appointed officials’ wives to support their husbands in implementing their task and responsibility trusted by the State. (Marten Boseren/rom)


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