Ilustration - Jubi

Biak Regency Allocates Rp 4 Billion for Biak Students

Ilustration - Jubi

Ilustration – Jubi

Biak, Jubi – Chairman of the Biak Young Intellectual Forum (FIMB), Markus Komboy, expressed gratitude to Biak Numfor regent Thomas Alfa Edison Ondi for his policy of earmarking 4 billion rupiah in student funding.

“By allocating a budget of 4 billion rupiah of Biak Numfor budget to help Biak students who are studying at higher education in various public and private universities in Papua, West Papua and outside Papua this year and in the future,” Komboi said when Jubi met in Biak on Thursday (23/07/2015).

However, only students who are now at the end of the semester and permanently live in Biak are eligible for the funding, by producing their identity card (KTP) as evidence.

He said he hoped Biak government to realize it in early August 2015 that the Biak students who want to complete their studies this year can be helped and graduated on time.


Frits Msiren, a student who are now ate the end of semester on Governance Studies Program Faculty of Social and Political Sciences at University of Cendrawasih to Jubi also hoped that this program can be realized in order to help him to complete his education. (Marten Boseren/ Tina)

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