Raja Ampat Islands (Jubi)


Raja Ampat Islands (Jubi)

Raja Ampat Islands (Jubi)

Timika, 7/7 (Jubi) – Biak Numfor- Raja Ampat Assosiation (BINFORA) in Mimika held a board meeting to discuss the establishment of the Indigenous Council (Musdat) before the expiry of the 2010-2015 leadership term.

“It depends on the mutual agreement of the new committee board whether it will be formed either in August or September. Later we will hold a meeting again after the new committee is approved by the regent,” BINFORA chairman, Hiskia Simbiak, said in Timika on Monday (7/7).

He said, there would not be major changes but the new board will complete the empty section so that the indigenous organizations could run better.

The aim of the indigenous organizations is to get together, protect, nurture communities for the better.
“It is a way to get together to maintain security and to participate in development particularly in Mimika,” he said.
Some people said that BINFORA is not running well, he said.


“My right hand that I trusted can not work productively. So, How can I run this organization well?,” he said.

However, the organization is still working. Simbiak hopes, this organization is more focused on the coaching aspect only.
“There are eight regions, East Biak, West Biak, North Biak, South Biak, Supiori, Numfor, and Raja Ampat, including Tembagapura. Yes, there is a  Biak language,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the Advisory of BINFORA Board, Arnold Romnsumbre said, BINFORA just sit back together, getting to know the identity of a Biak. If we sit together, something will happen.

In addition, Arnold also like to thank the District Military Command 1710/Mimika, in this case the commander Lt. Col. Inf. Rafles Manurutng, as well as all those who have supported this community organization. (Jubi / Eveerth)

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