Illustration of public court for Aimas, Sorong case -

Better than none, human rights court in Papua is important


Illustration of public court for Aimas, Sorong case –

Jayapura, Jubi – Better late than none, the establishment of human rights court in Papua is still very important to provide justice to victims and families of victims of human rights violations.

Laurenzus Kadepa, Papua legislator represented Commission I of the government, politics, law and human rights said that is one of the things that have been pushed by the commission, with the establishment of Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), since this is mandated by Papua Special Autonomy Law.

“I personally agree with the human rights tribunal based on Special Autonomy (Otsus) Law, since there should be a human rights tribunal since the Special Autonomy existed, but until Otsus almost end (2021) nothing has been done. But after all, it must be fought,” Kadepa said to Jubi, Monday (September 11).

According to him, many suspected cases of human rights violations by security apparatus that have been resolved through general court or in their respective units did not give a sense of justice to the victim and the victim’s family.


He said the effort to establish a TRC or human rights court in Papua needs the support of various parties. Commission I of Papua Parliament cannot fight alone. In the Papuan parliament itself, there must be consent from related parties and factions.

The same thing was said by another member of Papua legislator of Commission I, Tan Wie Long. According to him, all components must be united, especially victims of human rights violations. “Victims of human rights violations must be open to anything that can contribute positively,” Tan said.(*)

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