Rev, Benny Giay (Jubi)


Rev, Benny Giay (Jubi)

Rev, Benny Giay (Jubi)

Jayapura, 15/6 (Jubi)  – The Church has been defeated and the power of God has been denied, said the Chairman of the Evangelist Synod Rev. Benny Giay in the 27th anniversary of the Walter Post Theology College (STT WP) on Friday (13/6) in Jayapura.

Speaking at the celebration under the theme “Participation of the Walter Post Theology College to portray the new evangelistic messages,” he spotlighted how drugs, domestic violence and alcohol are increasingly dominating people’s lives today.
“Therefore I ask this institution as well as the ministers to be actively involved,” he said.

He also invited the ministers to reach the people and become their friends in confronting the obstacles. He also asked all parties to give the broadest opportunity to women to taking an active role inside the Church.
“Because the Church should also lead to end the oppression towards the women, because as human being we are all the same.

Rev. Markus Iyai told to reporters as the appointed Officer-in-Charge for the Chairman of STT WP since 2012, he thought it’s important to memorize the history of the STT WP. Therefore he decided to celebrate its anniversary. Last year was the first time, and now is the second. Earlier it never been celebrated.
“As the Chairman, I do my efforts to complete the facilities, including keep working to get the accreditation,” he said. Further, he asked the entire academic community in particular the alumni and students to continue working on gospel revelation in the entire land of Papua. (Jubi/Aprila/rom)


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