The first consultation in the Hall of Ondoafi Relaw Yahim (Jubi)


The first consultation in the Hall of Ondoafi Relaw Yahim (Jubi)

The first consultation in the Hall of Ondoafi Relaw Yahim (Jubi)

Sentani, 24/6 (Jubi) – Consultations usually take place in a big organization to discuss budgeting and other things but these are now spreading on social media, including  Facebook groups such as Bhuyakha Etnic.

“Because of the number of members in the facebook group reaches hundreds of people, we take the initiative to bring this group into real world by conducting the first deliberation. In this group, we discuss tradition, customs and Sentani stories in the past and the present time, “said Irma Felle, initiator of Bhuyakha Etnic group to on Tuesday (24/6).

She further said that Etnic Bhuyakha Group was created five months ago and got a pretty good response up to hundreds of people. Therefore, to follow up this discussion,  we  held the first consultation in the Hall of Ondoafi Relaw Yahim in Sentani on Tuesday (24/6).

Irma explained, the purpose of the consultation,is to equate perception and determine the legality of the organization Bhuyakha Ethnik in the future.
“In the first meeting, we discussed several topics  in order to unify our perception of what has been discussed in cyberspace. We also talked some highly principled culture icons in the order of the Sentani customs, such as the use of language and literature, musical instruments, dance and sculpture. Four of these elements are an important thing today, but slowly to be forgotten,” she said.


She hopes that this action will be the first step to carry out data collection and inventory of all custom ornaments from Sentani tribe from east to west in accordance with the classification and designation of origin. So, it will not be used wrongly because the custom shows our identity and need to be mantained.

Alfred Felle, one of village community leaders at Yahim Dobonsolo village, who was invited said that Bhuyakha Ethnic Group must have a clear vision and mission and should involve all elements of society, including government in the programs. He hopes that this group will be a sample and will give a positive impact to all element of societies, such as local subject ( local material). It can be functioned for educational purposes and for the preservation of cultural values. (Jubi / Albert/ Tina)

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