The Bombardier of Garuda Indonesia - Suplied

Batik Air, Garuda to Fly to Yahukimo

The Bombardier of Garuda Indonesia - Suplied

The Bombardier of Garuda Indonesia – Suplied

Dekai, Jubi – Full service airlines Batik Air and Garuda Indonesia will fly to Yahukimo, Papua, a member of the Papua Legislative Council said.

The news followed a visit by Papua councilor Sinut Busup and Yahukimo Regent Abock Busup to Nop Goliat at Dekai on 14 June 2016 and a conversation with Pilot Bambang Budianto.

The Secretary of Commission IV of Papua Legislative Council Sinut Busup told Jubi that he appreciated the two airlines’ decision to operate in Yahukimo.

“This would accommodate the distribution of basic commodities in Yahukimo,” he said on last weekend.


The Indonesian Minister of Transportation Ignasius Jonan is planning to re-launch the flight route in Yahukimo in December. But the aircraft must be ready before December because the fuel also could be accessed by river.

The regent said the aircraft could operate in the afternoon to night because the airport has been equipped with lighting torch.

“We talked with the Airport Director for allowing the Trigana’s aircrafts to operate in Dekat at night because the lights were set up,” he said.

The night flight service is also to transport the Muslims for celebrating the Eid Al-Fitr.

“Dekai is the central of economic dissemination to the entire Papua highland areas, and we will work with the local governments of Asmat, Mappi, Pegunungan Bintang, Boven Digoel, and Nduga. If they could come and return from this point it would be better,” he said.

Nop Goliat Airport has 1,850 meters highways and it would extend to 2,250 meters long and 40 meters wide.

“It means Garuda as well as Batik Air and Lion Air (large aircrafts) could be landed here. It is to help the aircrafts to operate in the central highland areas,” he said.

The Director of Nop Goliat Airport Joko Harjani said the authority has set the extra flights to serve the passengers who celebrate the Eid Al-Fitr.

“The airport in Yahukimo is the central of dissemination of both passengers and economic for the Central Highland area, and the sea transportation is also planned by the Central Government would be ended in Yahukimo,” he said.

Yahukimo Police Chief Akbar Thony B. Maring said the local Police are ready to secure the situation before and during the Eid Al-Fitr at the airport. He expected the residents to keep peace and order together. (Piter Lokon/rom)

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