Map of Papua Land - Suplied

Bappenas Chief Urged to See Papua as Overall Package

Map of Papua Land - Suplied

Map of Papua Land – Suplied

Jayapura, Jubi – Papua Provincial Government expects the new National Development Planning Body Sofyan Djalil who was just inaugurated to replace Andrinof Chaniago could see Papua as a whole in determining development programs.

One of some important issues should be taken seriously by the minister is about the access of transportation to support the development of infrastructure in Papua. “The most important is, in developing Papua, the National Development Planning Body could see Papua as a whole, not partial,” the Head of Papua Transportation Head Yusuf Yambe Yabdi at Jayapura on Thursday (13/8/2015).

Besides of the access of transportation, another thing should be taken into account by Bappenas is the availability of electric as a development support. “The development of energy should be a priority. We build road because many people is still lived in the darkness. If it so, it’s just waste of time,” he said.

The sustainable management for Papua, according to Yusuf is to develop the infrastructure according to regulation, that yet to be operated by established sector. However, it needs a great human resource that could understand the regional needs instead of sector. “The human resources we already had only the understanding on sectorial instead of regional. The understanding of sectorial is needed to develop a region to be connected with others and to improve any existing potential in that region,” he said.


Earlier, the Regional Development and Planning Agency (Bappeda) considered the development in Papua Province was very different if compared with other province in Indonesia due to its unique geographical condition.

Geographical condition of Papua is very unique; so the concept of development in Papua Province is very different with other provinces in Indonesia because the development in Papua should be done on regional base. “The uniqueness of its geographical condition creates a concept of development on regional base,” Muhammad Musa’ad, the Head of Bappeda Province Papua told reporter in Jayapura on Tuesday (21/7/2015). (Alexander Loen/rom)

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