Bank Papua central office in Jayapura (Jubi)

Bank Papua to Launch Micro Loan Program for Women

Bank Papua central office in Jayapura (Jubi)

Bank Papua central office in Jayapura (Jubi)

Timika, Jubi – Papua Bank will launch a loan program to support Micro Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) which will be devoted to women.

“The program is ready to launch in the near future,” chairman of Bank Papua Branch in Timika Papua, Bertha affar said on Monday (8/6/2015).

She explained that woman entrepreneurs will get loan from Rp. 500 thousand to Rp.50 million each without any collaterals.
“We’ll give credit to the women of SMEs and it does not require collaterals, as long as they have a business,” she said.

Bertha said the interest rate that will be charged by the Bank of Papua to SMEs will be notified at the launch later.
“Again I want to emphasize that this loan is given only to women’ entrepreneurs of SMEs. Of course, I would invite all media to attend the launch,” she added.


One of the women entrepreneurs in Timika, Yenny, said she is very pleased with this program and hoped to be realized well.
“There must be consequences in a program ,but the more important is how banks can help the people of Papua to help people, “he said. (Eveerth/ Tina)

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