The office of Bank Papua in Jayapura city - Jubi

Bank Papua Distribute Rp 2.6 Trillion to Micro Businesses in 2016

The office of Bank Papua in Jayapura city - Jubi

The office of Bank Papua in Jayapura city – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Bank Papua provided Rp 13 trillion in public loans, 20 percent or Rp 2.6 trillion of which has been disbursed to to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises.

He said there are many loan schemes used to develop the micro enterprise, such as Micro Credit Loans (PUM). PUM is a loan facility for micro enterprises that have permanent business and daily turnover.

“There are several schemes that we will adjust with the needs and availability of human resources and the customers themselves,” he said in Jayapura City on last week.

In addition, there are another loan schemes as applied by Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe, Gramen Bank and other things. “I am sure and optimistic it could work, why are we wasting time without leaving the existing evaluation,” he said. Earlier, the Executive Director of Bank Papua, Johan Kafiar, told the economic slowdown in 2015 affected the banking performance in Indonesia. Therefore, the distribution of credit loan of Bank Papua that reached Rp 13.2 trillion was considered not optimal.


“We hope Bank Papua could handle the entire project of Regional Government. So the performance of Bank Papua would be better in this year,” said Kafiar.

Coordinator of the Solidarity of Papuan Trader (SOLPAP) Robert Jitmau said lack of assistance from financial service providers made Papuans to meet difficulties to develop their business. “Do not just observe from the distance, but provide assistant because it’s difficult to change the habit,” said Jitmau.

When Papuan entrepreneur propose for credit loans to financial providers, it is still out of expectation. It is not only the limit of ceiling provided, but also the lack of government program to support the Papuan traders with equal treatment with other loaners.

“We also must offers our motorcycle or certificate, while President Widodo said SOLPAP could be used to give recommendation to Financial Service Provider if they are fear of bad debt,” he said.

Further he admitted not hearing about Bank Papua endorsement to provide loans of Rp 2.3 trillion to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise. (Sindung Sukoco/rom)

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