Hasiholan Siahaan and Tetra Yanuar (Jubi)

Bank Indonesia will prioritize indigenous Papuans for banking staff recruitment

Hasiholan Siahaan and Tetra Yanuar (Jubi)

Hasiholan Siahaan and Tetra Yanuar (Jubi)

Jayapura , 31/12 ( Jubi ) – Hasiholan Siahaan , Chief of Representative of Bank Indonesia (BI)  in Papua and West Papua Province say, BI will prioritize indigenous Papuans in staff recruitment process for Financial Services Authority (FSA) in both province, next year.

“Later, there will be a need for professionals. We expect the recruitment, can pay attention to the skill potentials that exist in Papua and West Papua. Hopefully the FSA and Bank Indonesia’s have special recruitment efforts and we prepare affirmative policies towards indigenous Papuans,” said Hasiholan to reporters in his office, Tuesday ( 31/12 ) .

He expect in the future there will be more indigenous Papuans works in the field of banking and finance . He also admitted that 2013 was the year that has tested the resilience and patience in managing the macro economy and financial system . Changes in the global constellation since the 2008 crisis was so broad and deep has led to new challenges in the management of the nation’s economic stability .

Tetra Yanuar, FSA Chief Executive said, as today, the FSA has been in full operation in organizing the system of regulation and supervision of the overall activity in the financial services sector in Papua and West Papua. Since this day also, simultaneously standing FSA office and carry out the functions, duties and responsibilities in all of Indonesia’s provinces.


“Communication and coordination during this process is a clear form of embodiment of the spirit and commitment to provide the best for the economic progress and welfare of the community ,” said Tetra . (Jubi /Aprila/Victor Mambor)

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