Bank Indonesia Launches Campaign Against Counterfeit Notes


Biak, Jubi – Bank Indonesia in Jayapura, Papua Province launched a campaign to warn the public about the circulation of counterfeit money.

Chief Representative of Bank Indonesia Hasiholan Siahaan hoped that the campaign would prompt the public to be more vigilant.
“Education on the authenticity of the rupiah is expected to provide knowledge of citizens to always be careful in buying or selling. This program aims to prevent the circulation of counterfeit money,” he said in Biak Numfor on Saturday (05/09/2015).

According to him, the possibility of counterfeit money circulating in Papua and West Papua was still relatively small, one note per one million genuine bills.

While nationally, according Hasiholan, the circulation of counterfeit money reaches nine per one million genuine bills.
“Although the data circulation of counterfeit money in Papua was minimal but citizens and businesses must increase their vigilance by knowing the characteristics and authenticity of the original money,” he said.

“In general, the authenticity of rupiah recognizable characteristics of the security element is embedded in the material of money and printing techniques as well as electrotype watermark and security thread, “he added.


Meanwhile, another feature of the original money is the watermark which is an image that will be seen when in the overlay to the light.

The event was attended by 110 participants representing commercial and rural banks, supermarket cashier and customer banking. (*/ Tina)

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