Back to his village, Augustine help to build Mama Papua market


Making tents and stalls for Papuan mama in Mabilabol market, Oksibil, Pegunungan Bintang – Jubi / IST

Oksibil, Jubi – Stalls and tents for selling commodities along the approximately 200 meters was arranged neatly with basic materials of wood and zinc roof.

Some Mama-mama Papua seller looked happy by their face and a typical smile. Conditions experienced by Mama Mama who sell various commodities in Mabilabol market, Oksibil is different than one month before.

“They used to trade in the midst of scorching with minimal places,” said Augustine, a young boy who self-helpingly built the stalls in the Pegunungan Bintang area.

According to Agustinus, mama-mama have struggling to hold back the heat, rain and wind, in order to sell various Papuan products.


The condition of the regency’s market infrastructure that was unable to accommodate the previous traders forced, so Mama-mama has to struggle to survive in the midst of various merchandise such as areca nut, yams, fish, vegetables and other garden products.

“Not infrequently Mama-mama sell on the roadside, on the sidewalk in front of the market building, precisely in front of Bank Papua, Kampung Mabilabol, Oksibil City,” added Agustinus.

But the condition is now changing; now Mama-mama are cheerful when they sell their stuffs. They were also protected by tents and boards made by Augustine along with their folks.

Initially Augustinus spend Rp 11 million of his personal money; he collects wood, boards, beams, and zinc shoulder to build a store for dozens of mama-mama along the roadside.

“I finished it one week, stalls can be occupied more comfortably,” said Augustine.

Steps to build a stall for mama-mama merchants in the market of Mabilabol, Oksibil were not separated from the moral call in the village of his birth. Especially because the condition of the market has become a public discourse and crowded in social media.

Each student makes a status on Facebook related to the merchant shoppers are apprehensive. “At that time I was wondering how to get money to buy equipment for the market,” said Augustine.

Finally with six truckloads of wood, they drop during the night, in the morning about 200 meters long the shore the stalls have been built. According to Augustine, the place can accommodate hundreds of merchants.

There are about 70 people occupying and can sell there. But the problem continues along with protests from traders inside the market who claimed their commodities selling are affected from the stalls outside.

“But after we explain it the market competition and other things, they follow,” said the man from Balusu, Oksibil.

He was able to build stalls from customary land grants that felt the same concerns with traditional elders and customary owners.

In addition to helping Mama mama, he had a goal for the government will see the economic activity in the traditional market. “Please treat mama-mama like a human. Do not create classes,” said graduated student of one private university in Bandung, West Java.

Augustine has a dream Mama-mama Papua to masters in their own country. That way the free selling part of the effort in the direction he dreamed of.

Deputy Chairman of the Pegunungan Bintang Regional People’s Legislative Assembly, Piter Kalakmabin expressed appreciation of Augustine and his friends. He requested that all parties to support the self-help movement through social action.

“Do not merely look to political side, anything else, ahead of the 2018 Papuan governor election,” said Piter Kalakmabin.

Piter requested that the Pegunungan Bintang Regency Government facilitate Papuan Mama with a decent place of sale as Augustine did. (tabloidjubi/Zely)

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