Timothy Wally with his wood carving (Jubi)


Timothy Wally with his wood carving (Jubi)

Timothy Wally with his wood carving (Jubi)

Sentani, 23/6 (Jubi) – History is not always written in books, or told by audio-visual means. It can also be told through engravings on an object. This is what the wood carvers  from Baborongko village, Ebungfauw district, Jayapura do with sharp carving knives, a piece of linggua wood can be converted into a human physical form, crocodiles, fish, or other animals.

However, not all objects are carved, only historical objects are. These carvings then were displayed at the cultural exhibition of Sentani Lake Festival in Sentani, Jayapura, this month.
“The carving depicts a figure of Ondoafi ( Tribal leader) who becomes crocodile’s master. He could call the crocodile, sit on the back of the crocodile, to cross the lake, or fish,” said Timothy Wally, when explaining the replica of a crocodile-shaped carving, which is on top of the crocodile’s back.

In the past, before people knew how to make a boat, an Ondoafi with his magical powers could call the crocodile to be the means of transportation. However, it does not apply to all the clans, only to a particular clan.

There is also a replica of cassowary which ridden by a man from particular clan. With the help of cassowary, a master could  roam the land area to the most distant point.
“Cassowary master is different from the master crocodile. So someone who could call a crocodile, could not call cassowary. This time, in real life, the community still believe in it, ” Wally added.


The same thing is also described by Bertho Wally, one of the community leaders of Baborongko village.
“There are many Wally’s clans ,but only tribal leader (ondoafi) lineage could do,” he explained.

There are Wally ‘s clans that could not call a crocodile or a cassowary, but he has magical powers to make rain and fire.
“So, if today, he told me it is raining, it will rain. Likewise, he asked for a fire burned down the house, the fire will burn the house and follow his orders, ” he said.

Well, the stories which then impregnated into wood carver in the village Baborongko and poured in the form of engraving on wood, or forming a log into something meaningful. (Jubi / Albert/ Tina)

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