Victim of shooting by TNI soldier, Yosep Samogoi, being carried by his brother to be taken to the hospital. Courtesy of Jubi.

Babinsa personnel allegedly shot civilian in Papua’s Mappi


Jayapura, Jubi – Civilian Yosep Samogoi (26) has been allegedly shot by an Indonesian soldier named Syarifudin of the 1707-07/Kepi Subdistrict Military Command on Friday, July 16, 2021 in Kanami Village, Mappi Regency.


Syarifudin is personnel of Babinsa, or the Indonesian Military’s (TNI) village supervisory non-commissioned officers, whose job is to secure public order in villages in remote areas across Indonesia.


Syarifudin allegedly shot Yosep after the victim tried to help his brother, Anes Samogoi, who first got hit by Syarifudin to the ground.



According to the victim’s family, two gunshots were heard during the incident. The first shot missed while the second one hit Yosep in the left thigh, causing serious injuries.


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Apart from being a member of the TNI, Syarifudin is known for his role in the agarwood business in the local area. Meanwhile, the Samogoi brothers worked as agarwood seekers.


Yosep is currently being treated in the Mappi General Hospital. His family hopes that the police will arrest the perpetrator and provide fair legal sanctions, as well as restore the victim’s health and rights.


Following the shooting of Yosep Samogoi, around  30 Indonesian civil society organizations lambasted the actions of state officials who carried out violence, torture, and anything that degraded a person’s dignity, threatened and took a person’s life.


“Violence approach by the TNI and police is an ongoing issue in Papua. In 2020, Marius Betera was persecuted by the Boven Digoel police. It is suspected that the victim died as a result of violence. A few months later, the Pantas Task Force in Boven Digoel tortured Oktovianus Betera to his death,” activist YL Franky said in a written statement on Sunday.


According to Franky, past persecutions by security forces had never made it to the court. “The police tends to cover up violence by intimidating the victim’s family such as guarding the victim’s residence, guarding the clinic or hospital where the victim is being treated, or asking the family not to publish the cases of violence,” he said.


When requested confirmation, XVII/Cenderawasih’s head of Military Area Infomation Lt. Arm. Reza Nur Patria told Jubi that he was still looking for more detailed information.


“I’m still looking for the information. Any progress will be communicated,” Patria said.


Reporter: Victor Mambor


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